Vontae Davis: Someone Stole My Identity

Illinois Police say the Dolphins top pick was arrested. Dolphins say he was locked down at rookie camp

Maybe Vontae Davis has the ability to be in two places at one time, which would be a great addition to the Dolphins' nickel package.

That's one way to explain how the Dolphins top pick could be in OTAs on June 9 while simultaneously being arrested in Illinois for unnecessary vehicular noise and driving without a valid license.

Media outlets jumped on the story after Davis' Champaign-based alma mater's paper, the Daily Illini, claimed the cornerback had been arrested, fueling flames that his purported off-field problems had finally surfaced.

Not so fast, my friend.

Davis was apparently busting his hump in off-season training and attended a rookie symposium and could not have been romping illegally through the streets of Champaign, Dolphins officials said. Davis also told the Dolphins he has never been arrested.


"I talked to Vontae, and he told me he was here all day on June 9," Harvey Greene, Dolphins senior vice president of media relations, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "It was an OTA day, followed by a rookie symposium that we know kept him in the building until at least 3:30 [p.m.]. There was no way he could have been in Illinois at 6:40 [p.m.] or whenever that happened."

Champaign Police aren't talking, but the police report lists Davis' address.

Davis said he hasn't been to Champaign since February and, to his credit, has not been caught up in any Miami vice since being drafted. The 21-year-old rookie said he lost his wallet shortly after leaving college and maybe someone is running around Illinois claiming to be Davis.

"It's a crazy thing," Davis told the Sun-Sentinel. "When I heard about it, it hit me: 'Oh, God.' It was something I couldn't prepare for. It just came out of nowhere."

Darn it!

Just when we were getting amped about the idea of having two cover corners for the price of one.

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