Walsh Taking Coaching Job Very, Very Seriously

Need step-by-step huddle-forming instructions? Steve Walsh is your man.

They may have been a careening, carousing band of irreverent but lovable mugs-shots-in-waiting off the field, but the mid-80s Miami Hurricanes football teams knew discipline on it.

Now their former National Championship-winning quarterback, Steve Walsh, is showing he paid close attention as he takes over the once-proud football program at West Palm Beach's Cardinal Newman High --  very, very carefully.

In fact, the first-time coach is such a control freak so obsessive-compulsive so well-organized he even wrote instructions for his players to form a huddle, according to the Palm Beach Post

Walsh, 42, spent two months assembling the Crusaders' offensive playbook, which begins with instructions for forming the huddle.

His spring practice script listed activities in five-minute increments for everyone on the field. 

He taught another lesson on order and discipline in the locker room. When Walsh saw the floor littered with shoes, dirty laundry and jockstraps, he had the Crusaders run "gassers" until he was confident they understood the problem.

"I needed to point out a few things," he said. "This is not how we're going to run our football team. We're not going to leave it to the janitor to clean up the mess."

Here we thought Walsh's old teammate Randy Shannon sleeping in front of the refrigerator so the pudgy Cortez Kennedy couldn't snack in the night was extreme -- Shannon has nothing on a man who'd write instructions on forming a circle.  (Chapter 13: pulling on pants, executing high-fives, pulling off a good butt-slap.)

Inevitably, high school boys will go off script, but Walsh says he'll channel another of his football experiences for that. "[Former coach] Tony Dungy was probably the best at dealing with players," Walsh said. "I don't know if I'll have his patience, but it's something I'll strive for."

One lesson the young Crusaders team hopes Walsh doesn't carry over from his playing days: throwing up before every single game.  He's not going to leave it to the janitor to clean up that mess, boys.

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