Airline Workers Busted For Smuggling Cocaine — 2x in One Month

The dumbest flight crews ever commit the same felony twice

These dopes give a new meaning to "flying high."

A South African Airlines airline crew allegedly toting more than $300,000 in cocaine on a London-bound plane was arrested Monday at Heathrow -- a mere four weeks after another South African Airlines crew was busted for smuggling more than $400,000 worth of drugs into the same country, the Daily Mail reports.

The crew cuffed Monday stashed five kilograms of the drug in a suitcase in the baggage compartment of the plane, which was flying out of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Border officials arrested 15 members of the crew -- nine men and six women -- after they found the stash.

Another 15-member South African Airlines crew was caught on Jan. 21 as it attempted to allegedly smuggle 50 kilograms of cannabis and four kilograms of cocaine into the United Kingdom.

"Crew members are subject to the same customs checks as any other person when entering the UK," Heathrow customs spokesman Bob Gaiger told the Daily Mail.

South African Airlines reps said they were "fully cooperating with British authorities." Johannesburg authorities are also launching their own investigation of the crews.

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