Real-Life Spiderman Arrested After Sydney Stunt

Alain Robert shimmied to the top of a 41-story building this morning and descended into police custody

He's done it again. 

French "Spiderman," Alain Robert climbed to the top of a 41-story Sydney skyscraper to a chorus of cheers from below. Following the stunt he was promptly arrested, earning him more applause from the boistrous crowd.

Robert, who's known for climbing over 70 of the world's tallest buildings including the Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower, didn't publicize his plan in advance.  Instead, he strolled up to the Royal Bank of Scotland at 10:30 this morning and began his climb in his usual fashion--no ropes, no gear, no safety equiptment.

His daredevil act, which took just under an hour, clogged up traffic and brought over 100 pedestrians to a halt.

Following his descent, police charged him with "risking the safety of another by climbing a building or structure," according to the Daily Telegraph. 

He's currently out on bail and scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

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