Feces Flinger Gives New Meaning to Jury Duty

Some might say that a lawyer deserves this kind of treatment --- but, truly, no one does.

A robbery suspect earned himself a mistrial when he smeared feces on his attorney and threw it at jurors.

Defendant Weusi McGowan, 37, had somehow snuck a plastic bag filled with excrement with  into the San Diego Superior Court building, Paul Levikow, spokesman for the District Attorney's Office, told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

McGowan attacked the head and face of his public defender with the malodorous bag's contents then flung more at the jury just as they were taking their mid-morning break, the paper reported.

A mistrial was declared.

McGowan was reportedly upset because the judge had rejected his request to dismiss his lawyer.

McGowan was facing charges including kidnapping and assault in connection with a robbery in Barrio Logan in October 2007.

It was unclear what further charges he would be facing for his monkey-house like shenanigans.

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