For Sale: Bill Clinton, Mr. T, Braveheart, Mae West, Jesus

If your apartment is still lacking that creepy factor, the Hollywood Wax Museum has a solution for you.

Next month, the museum is auctioning nearly 200 celebrity wax sculptures at the first auction in its 44-year history.

Think of the possibilities.

You can finally come home to Marilyn Monroe. You could have all four Beatles join your Rock Band. You could even have Charlie Chaplin watch you sleep (see above photo).

If the stand-alone sculpture isn't enough for you to get out your checkbook, ask yourself this: Will you ever get another chance to put a Snuggie on Tiger Woods?

The Wax Auction, administered by Profiles in History, is scheduled for May 1, so there's still time to start saving up. The lots from the upcoming auction have been posted online at

A portion of the profits will go toward preserving the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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