Hurried Man Jumps From Plane Just After DFW Landing

Man opens cabin door, slides down emergency slide before walking to Terminal C.

In an apparent rush to get to his destination, an impatient airline passenger opened the cabin door shortly after landing and jumped off the plane.

At about 1 p.m. Tuesday, American Airlines Flight 1343, out of Charlotte, N.C., had landed safely at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and was parked on a ramp while taxiing to the gate when a man hopped out of his seat, ran into first class and then opened the right-hand galley door.

When the door opened, the 26-year-old man, whose identity has not yet been released, deployed the emergency slide and then quickly slid down the ramp and onto the ground below.  According to officials, the man then began walking toward Terminal C.

Despite his haste, the man was detained a short time later by two American Airlines Fleet Service clerks and the police. 

Airline maintenance removed the slide from the MD-80 and the aircraft continued on to gate A-37.

DFW DPS officials have not yet said why he was in such a rush.  The FBI and TSA have been notified of the incident.

None of the 92 people on board the flight, including the hurried man, were injured.

The man was arrested and then sent to a hospital for a psychological examination.

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