Indiana Woman Looking for 24th Husband

The most married woman in history is now single, still "gets lonely"

Linda Wolfe of Anderson, Indiana has said "I do" as many times as matrimony junkies Larry King (seven), Elizabeth Taylor (eight), and Mickey Rooney (seven) combined. At 68, she's the Guinness world record holder as the most married woman in history.

According to this Gannett/APP article, two of Linda's husbands were gay. One, she married three times over. There was a one-eyed inmate, two homeless men, a guy who padlocked her refrigerator, a man who fathered 19 children, cheaters galore, and every kind of profession, from musician to plumber to vending machine repairman. She even married a preacher, who himself held the record for the most-married man in history (29, but who's counting?). Most of her husbands died, and of the few still alive, one - who still refers to Linda as his "honey bunny" - is serving time for forgery. But Linda Wolfe has been single for a dozen years, her longest run sans matrimony since 1957. And she's looking for love! Because, "you know, it gets lonely."

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