Judge OKs Mom's Collection of Dead Son's Sperm

Mother of man killed in bar brawl wants her son "to live on" through posthumous breeding

Paging the bioethics board! A court in Austin approved a mother's wish to have her dead son's sperm harvested so she can grant his wish to have children someday.

Nikolas Colton Evans was just 21 when he was punched and fell outside a bar in Austin -- and his mother Marissa knows he wanted children badly. He'd even picked out three names, according to the AP: Hunter, Tod, and Van.

If you're like us, your next question is, uh, is that legal?

"State law gives parents control over a child's body for organ and tissue donations but its use for sperm 'is very unclear,'" a law prof at the U of Texas told the AP. Not a lot of precedent on the law books pertaining to posthumous sperm donation, apparently.

Read the full AP piece here.

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