Alleged SoCal Boob Bandit Busted

It was a serial number on discarded implants that led authorities to the real identity of the alleged SoCal Boob Bandit and may have been the tip police needed to take her into custody.

Yvonne Jean Pampellonne, 30, allegedly used a fraudulent identity to pay for liposuction and a breast implant exchange, according to the Huntington Beach Police Department. The total cost of the surgeries is valued at more than $12,000.

The Laguna Niguel woman is accused of opening a line of credit in someone else's name in September 2008, having the procedures and then never showing up for any follow-up appointments, police said.

Dr. Larry Nichter, who performed the surgery at the Pacific Center For Plastic Surgery, used identification numbers on the old set of implants to track down the original surgeon. Employees at the center were able to confirm the identity of Pampellonne as a suspect after viewing a photograph line-up, police said.

Pampellonne surrendered in court Tuesday and was released on $20,000 bail, said attorney Paul Wallin.

Wallin said when all the facts are established, "a completely different picture" will emerge.

He also lambasted media reports that he said have portrayed Pampellonne as, among other things, a "boob-job bandit."

"Everyone should reserve judgment, and when all of the facts are presented, there will be information that will be revealed that will indicate that our client is not guilty of any criminal offense," Wallin said.

He said he had been in contact with Pampellonne, and arrangements were made for her self-surrender. She will be arraigned May 27 in a Westminster courtroom on charges of commercial burglary, grand theft and identity theft.

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