A Kiss Is Just a Diss — Woman Bites BF's Tongue Off

A woman deliberately bit her boyfriend's tongue off during a kiss after a fight

A British woman is on trial this week after she bit her boyfriend's tongue off on purpose during a kiss last year, the BBC reported.

Tracy Davies, 40, grew upset when she found out she couldn't get pregnant - and when boyfriend Mark Coghill, 45, tried to comfort her, she chomped down on his tongue.

"She had the piece of tongue in her mouth, he saw her take it from her mouth, and it fell to the floor," prosecutor Julian Smith told courts this week.

Coghill lost more than a third of his tongue and can no longer eat or speak normally, he said at the trial, where Davies is facing one count of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

"I will never enjoy a curry again," he said. "I can't distinguish between certain foods, like the difference between cheese and toast, and just toast.

"I can't use my tongue for eating. Those are things you take for granted," he said.

After the attack last year, Davies calmly called police and told them what she had done while her boyfriend wailed on the floor in pain.

"You're joking," police said as they arrested her.

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