• Brexit Mar 1

    Britain’s Health Service Not for Sale in US Trade Talks

    The British government says any free-trade deal with the United States must protect the country’s national health service.

  • America Aug 9, 2019

    New Federal Guidelines Issued for Service, Emotional Animals on Planes

    The government is telling airlines and passengers how it will enforce rules governing animals that people bring on planes. The Transportation Department said Thursday that airline employees can bar any animal they consider a safety threat. Airlines, however, can be punished if they ban an entire dog or cat breed, such as pit bulls.

  • trade Jan 16

    Senate Passes US-Canada-Mexico Trade Deal, a Trump Priority

    The Senate has overwhelmingly approved a new North American trade pact that rewrites the rules of trade with Canada and Mexico. Passage of the measure gives President Donald Trump a major policy victory before senators turns their full attention to his impeachment trial. The measure goes to Trump for his signature. It would replace the 25-year-old North American Free Trade...

  • China Jan 15

    Emphasis on US Exports, Trade Secrets in China Trade Deal

    President Donald Trump on Wednesday described an initial trade agreement with China as “righting the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of economic justice and security for American workers, farmers and families.”

  • trade Dec 31, 2019

    Trump Says He Will Sign ‘Phase One’ China Trade Deal on Jan. 15 at the White House

    President Donald Trump plans to ink the “phase one” trade deal with China at the White House on Jan. 15.  In a tweet Tuesday morning, the president said “high level representatives of China” will attend the signing. Trump added that he will travel to Beijing “at a later date” to start talks toward a second piece of the trade pact….

  • trade Dec 14, 2019

    China and US Reach Phase One Trade Deal

    President Donald Trump said Friday that as part of the U.S.-China trade deal Washington will not charge China with any new tariffs and slightly reduce existing tariffs.

  • Nancy Pelosi Dec 10, 2019

    Democrats, White House Forge New North American Trade Deal

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to announce her endorsement of a modified North American trade pact Tuesday morning. That concludes a long set of negotiations and gives President Donald Trump a major Capitol Hill win on the same day Democrats are set to announce impeachment their charges against him.

  • Donald Trump Oct 4, 2019

    US Adds 136,000 Jobs, Unemployment Hits 50-Year Low of 3.5%

    The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 3.5% in September, the lowest level in nearly five decades, even though employers appeared to turn more cautious and slowed their hiring. The economy added a modest 136,000 jobs, enough to likely ease worries that an economy weakened by the U.S.-China trade war and tepid global growth might be edging toward a potential recession....

  • Attorney Jul 12, 2019

    California’s Black Market for Weed Threatens Legal Businesses

    The parking lot outside a stark-looking dispensary on a busy Los Angeles street is almost full on a weekday afternoon. Inside, jars of weed line the shelves behind a counter and colorful signs show prices. But if everything looks normal, it isn’t. The dispensary is part of a booming black market. “The black market is a huge problem,” said Patricia...

  • Donald Trump May 10, 2019

    Trump Makes False Claims at Rally, News Conference

    President Donald Trump made 17 false or misleading statements over 17 hours on Wednesday and Thursday, according to, including on the issues of tariffs and the alleged conflicts of former special counsel Robert Mueller.

  • food May 7, 2019

    Walmart Is Opening Dozens of Veterinary Clinics in Its Stores and Launching an Online Pet Pharmacy

    Walmart is opening up dozens more veterinary clinics in its stores and launching its first online pet pharmacy, hoping to lure more U.S. pet owners who are spending billions of dollars each year on their dogs and cats. The biggest retailer in the world already operates 21 veterinary clinics in its stores across six states, but over the next 12...

  • head Mar 24, 2019

    Failed Alzheimer’s Trial Leaves Families and Patients Heartbroken

    Every month, a car would pick up Jeff Borghoff at his home in Forked River, New Jersey, and drive him to the Advanced Memory Research Institute of New Jersey. There, doctors would help him settle into a comfortable chair and hook him up to an IV. For the next 40 minutes to an hour, an experimental treatment aimed at slowing...

  • Feb 15, 2019

    Old Gold: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals to Come From Recycled Phones, Cameras

    Tokyo Olympic organizers said last week that they expect to collect enough obsolete electronic devices by the end of March to reach the amount that will be required to manufacture all Olympic and Paralympic medals. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics open in under 525 days and all medals will be made from discarded smart phones, digital cameras, and other handheld games...

  • United States Mar 1, 2019

    Walmart to Make ‘Every Effort’ to Keep Greeters With Disabilities

    After more than a week of backlash, Walmart is pledging to make “every effort” to find other roles for disabled workers who’d accused the retailer of targeting them as it prepares to eliminate the “people greeter” job at 1,000 stores. Greg Foran, president and CEO of Walmart’s U.S. stores, said in a memo to store managers Thursday night that “we...

  • Facebook Feb 27, 2019

    Walmart is Getting Rid of Greeters, Worrying the Disabled

    As Walmart moves to phase out its familiar blue-vested “greeters” at some 1,000 stores nationwide, disabled workers who fill many of those jobs say they’re being ill-treated by a chain that styles itself as community-minded and inclusive. Walmart told greeters around the country last week that their positions would be eliminated on April 26 in favor of an expanded, more...

  • Donald Trump Feb 18, 2019

    U.S. Car Buyers Could Face Higher Prices From Import Tariffs, Auto Industry Warns

    Automakers, car dealers and parts manufacturers have gone into high gear in a bid to derail the threat of new tariffs on foreign-made cars and car parts. The tariffs, they warn, could backfire, raising prices for U.S. consumers and sending the domestic automotive market into a tailspin, NBC News reported. The latest wave of concern was triggered by the Commerce...

  • Donald Trump Jan 31, 2019

    Trump Plans to Meet Xi After US-China Talks End With No Deal

    President Donald Trump expects to meet with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to try to resolve a six-month trade standoff after U.S. and Chinese negotiators ended two days of talks Thursday without settling the toughest issues that divide the world’s two biggest economies. The White House said in a statement that the two sides had made progress but that “much...

  • Donald Trump Jan 21, 2019

    China’s 2018 Economic Growth Sinks to 3-Decade Low

    China’s economic growth hit a three-decade low in 2018, adding to pressure on Beijing to beef up stimulus measures and settle a tariff war with Washington. Growth slowed to 6.6 percent from 2017’s 6.9 percent as both the world’s appetite for China’s exports and domestic consumer spending weakened, official data showed Monday. Forecasters said they expect Beijing to try to...

  • Donald Trump Jan 16, 2019

    Government Shutdown Wreaks More Havoc the Longer It Continues

    Southwest Airlines’ yearlong effort to launch affordable flights to Hawaii is stalled. Craft brewers haven’t been able to ship their seasonal beers. Hundreds of federal rental assistance contracts with private landlords have expired, putting low-income families and seniors at risk of eviction. Across the country, thousands of unpaid government employees and contractors struggling to make ends meet are turning to...

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