• United States Nov 30, 2018

    So You Stayed at a Starwood Hotel: Tips on Data Breach

    If you stayed at one of Marriott’s Starwood hotels in recent years, hackers might have information on your address, credit card and even your passport. The company said Friday the information of as many as 500 million guests at Starwood hotels has been compromised and Marriott discovered that unauthorized access to data within its Starwood network has been taking place...

  • United States Sep 21, 2018

    New Law Making Credit Freezes Free Nationwide Takes Effect Friday

    Credit freezes and unfreezes with the three major credit reporting agencies will now be free for consumers as a federal law passed in response to the Equifax data breach goes into effect Friday. Beginning Sept. 21, consumers can freeze their credit file with TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, without paying any fees. Credit freezes helps prevent identity thieves from opening lines...

  • Daniel Macht Aug 27, 2018

    Your Credit Score May Have Just Gone Up. Here's Why

    Your credit report might be getting a makeover. And the three-digit credit score we all carry around, which can determine how likely we are to get a favorable loan to buy a house or a car, could be moving up as a result. The reason behind the potential boost is a change in the way the three major credit rating...

  • Equifax Jan 31, 2018

    Deadline to Sign Up for Free Equifax Credit Monitoring is Jan. 31

    After disclosing a massive data breach last year, Equifax said it would offer consumers one year of free credit-monitoring. However, consumers only have until Wednesday, Jan. 31 to sign up. The credit reporting company also said it would waive the fee for credit freezes through January 31. But as the deadline approached this week, the company extended it to June...

  • South Florida Oct 19, 2017

    It's Not Too Late to Protect Yourself Following Equifax Breach

    The Equifax breach happened as South Florida was dealing with Hurricane Irma. Local credit counselors fear that means few took necessary steps to protect their credit.

  • lawyer Dec 30, 2014

    Consumer Reports: Credit Score Problems

    That critical number—your credit score—is based on your credit reports, yet a Consumer Reports’ survey finds close to half of Americans never check to make sure their credit reports are accurate and errors are surprisingly common.

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