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The Staycation Gets Even Closer to Home

A new hotel tax is plaguing the Keys



    The Staycation Gets Even Closer to Home
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    No need for suitcases if you're going on a staycation.

    The staycation, it ‘s the trip that isn’t really a trip. A vacation in your own backyard, if you will. And for many hit by the economy slump, it’s the only getaway they can afford.

    Instead of jetting of the Europe or New York for your vacation this year, maybe you were planning to keep it a little closer to your own ‘hood. Maybe you were planning on taking a road trip to Key West. Maybe you will change your mind now that a new hotel tax is hitting the Keys.
    As reported by the Miami Herald, the Monroe County Commission voted to raise hotel taxes in the Keys from four to five percent. The commission estimates that will yield an extra $4 million per year for the area, something they intend to use toward marketing and promotions for the Keys.
    While many Miamians venture to the Keys for an escape, the increased hotel tax could very well have us exploring our own city. From the beach to the many tourist attractions you probably haven’t seen since you were a kid, Miami has a lot to offer its staycationers.