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Beach Gets Outfitted With Sexy Lingerie Store

Underwear shop with roaming near-naked models opens on Lincoln Road



    Beach Gets Outfitted With Sexy Lingerie Store
    Claire Chambers, CEO of Journelle.

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, the hippest new place for lingerie has landed in Miami Beach.

    Journelle, the brainchild of 29-year-old entrepreneur Claire Chambers, made its debut on Lincoln Road last night, causing quite a scene.

    The store features scantily-clad models showing off the store's wares -- right in the front windows.

    "We carry everything here, but we like to put what's eye-catching in the window," said Chambers.

    The company's founder and head since 2007, Chambers has generated a lot of buzz and even landed on Playboy magazine's list of sexiest CEOs.

    Her stores -- she also has one in New York -- seem to cater to men. While most lingerie stores have men sitting bleary-eyed on a couch as his wife or girlfriend tries on clothes, Journelle puts a big screen TV in the fitting room filled with sexy images.

    "I like to call it the bulls-eye, because men like to look at something and we give it to them right there," Chambers said.

    Not that there's a shortage of eye candy, with gals in underwear roaming throughout the store.

    "What better way to see what you're gonna buy than on a live model, look at this, gorgeous," said one red underwear-clad siren.

    Chambers' store sells just about any and everything -- can you say disposable thong? -- and she said it fits right in on Miami Beach.

    "It's a really sexy vibe down here on Lincoln Road and we're really happy to be a part of it."