Emergency Kit Prepares People For Storms

The 72 Hour Emergency Kit gets you hurricane ready

4 Survival To Go

September is National Preparedness Month, and for South Floridians that means getting hurricane ready.

Thanks to Miami Lakes resident Carmen Wilson and Shannon McGauley, The BOK is the kit that can save your life.

BOK, which stands for "B okay" and "bright orange kit," has over 100 critical items that can prepare anyone for the worst tropical disaster.

“Everything you need to survive for three days is in this kit as well as other necessary items,” said Wilson, 44.

Inside the portable kit, also called the 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit, are items such as ABC gauze which stops bleeding on the spot, 2,400 calorie food bars, water purification tablets, a hand crank flashlight with cell phone charger and radio, water proof matches, a sleeping bag, a rain poncho, a N95 mask and hygiene and sanitary items.

Also inside is a disaster pamphlet, which comes with an evacuation list and detailed instructions on what to do before, during and after a disaster.

Launched in January of 2008, The BOK costs $99 and is sold through the company website 4SurvivalToGo.com.

Celebrity athletes like Dwyane Wade and Alonzo Mourning are fans.

“Nobody thinks to prepare for these types of situations in advance and the kit can really save lives… that's why my Foundation distributed kits to families in New Orleans moving into homes rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina,” said Wade.

Mourning said his perspective on being prepared has changed since he was introduced to the kit.

“Being based in South Florida, we see all of the bad storms that come through," said Mourning. “4 Survival To Go changes the way people think about being prepared by educating them first and then providing  them with the tools necessary to survive unforeseen emergencies or severe  weather.”

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