2020 hurricane season

Paulette, Rene Among 6 Systems Being Monitored; No Impacts Expected in South Florida

The National Hurricane Center expects Paulette to weaken soon before strengthening this weekend, but is still not expected to impact South Florida.

What to Know

  • Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami were keeping an eye on 6 systems in the Atlantic Thursday
  • Two of the systems were tropical storms, Paulette and Rene
  • None of the systems were expected to impact South Florida

The tropics remained active Thursday with as many as six systems being watched across the Atlantic Ocean as hurricane season was hitting its peak.

Tropical Storm Paulette had winds of 65 miles per hour and was moving west-northwest at 10 mph as of the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center in Miami, but remained 850 miles from the furthest area of land and had no watches or advisories issued for it.

The National Hurricane Center was expecting Paulette to approach Bermuda as a hurricane. It was still not expected to impact South Florida.

A second tropical storm, Rene, had winds of 45 mph and was also moving west-northwest at 12 mph while sitting 925 miles west-northwest from the Cabo Verde Islands, according to the NHC. There were no watches or warnings issued for Rene. It's expected to strengthen to a hurricane in a couple of days.

A system off the coast of the Bahamas had a 50 percent chance of development when it was forecast to be in the Gulf of Mexico and moving west.

In the Gulf already was a system with a 20 percent chance of development that was expected to move southwest in the coming days.

Further in the Atlantic, a system with a 40 percent chance of development was to the east of Rene while moving slowly to the west. A system with a 90 percent chance of becoming a named storm in the next five days will move off the coast of Africa at some point Thursday, according to forecasters.

Sept. 10 is considered the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, though more than 60 percent of South Florida hurricane landfalls have occurred after Sept. 10, according to the National Weather Service.

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