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Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Tropical Storm Katia Racing WNW

Tropical Storm Katia could become a hurricane Wednesday



    Tropical Storm Katia Racing WNW
    Katia as of 11 p.m. Tuesday.

    Newly-formed Tropical Storm Katia is racing west-northwest across the Atlantic Ocean, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said.

    As of 11 p.m., Katia was churning along at 22 mph about 885 miles west of the southernmost Cape Verde Islands.

    Katia had maximum sustained winds of 60 mph, and though the system is expected to slow down it is also expected to strengthen: forecasters say the storm could become a hurricane Wednesday.

    “It's not expected to impact land over the next two to three days. The Leeward Island folks will have watch it by later in the week,” said Daniel Brown, a hurricane specialist at the NHC. “Towards later in the week or the weekend we’ll know if there is any threat to the U.S. or even Bermuda.”

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