2020 hurricane season

Five Systems Churning in the Atlantic, None Expected to Impact South Florida

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Five systems churned in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday, including one hurricane, but none are expected to impact the United States.

Hurricane Teddy had winds of 100 mph, as of the latest advisory Wednesday from the National Hurricane Center in Miami. It was moving at 13 mph about 710 miles away from the Lesser Antilles.

Forecasters said Teddy could reach as high as a Category 4 storm, but is not expected to threaten the United States and could turn north before hitting Bermuda starting this weekend.

What was a second hurricane, Paulette, has been downgraded to a extratropical cyclone with winds of 85 mph. It was moving rapidly to the east-northeast at 35 mph, but it continue to move away from the United States.

Another system, Tropical Storm Vicky, had winds of 40 mph and was 855 miles west-northwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. It was moving west at 9 mph and will not impact any land. Vicky is expected to weaken into a tropical depression in the coming days.

Two disturbances could become named storms in the coming days, with one in the northern Atlantic Ocean having a 20% chance within the next five days and one off the coast of Africa having a 70% chance. Neither one is forecast to have any impact on South Florida.

While Hurricane Sally made landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama Wednesday, a disturbance in the southern portion of the Gulf of Mexico had a 70% chance in the next five days of becoming a named storm while moving away from the United States.

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