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Jimmy Fallon Mocks Boehner's Unlovable Claim

The late-night host poked fun at John Boehner's claim that "the American people probably aren't going to fall in love with Mitt Romney."

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    Fallon mocked John Boehner's claim that voters won't fall in love with Mitt Romney by paying homage to reality television show "The Bachelor."

    On Monday’s edition of “Late Night,” host Jimmy Fallon opened the program with House Speaker John Boehner’s claim that voters aren’t going to “fall in love” with Mitt Romney.

    In his opening monologue Fallon paid homage to reality television, making reference to “The Bachelor,” one of the longest-running reality television series.

    “House Speaker John Boehner said Americans won’t fall in love with Romney before the elections,” Fallon began. “Which explains Romney’s new campaign slogan: Mitt Romney, will you accept this rose?”

    The dig comes after Boehner’s pronouncement at a West Virginia fundraising event last week. When asked whether he could make a questioner love the Republican presidential nominee, Boehner simply replied “No,” adding: “The American people probably aren't going to fall in love with Mitt Romney."

    Fallon continued his monologue by poking fun at Boehner himself. “That’s right, Boehner said voters won’t fall in love with Mitt Romney. Then it got even weirder when Boehner was like ‘at least not like I have,” a dejected Fallon said as he bit his knuckles.

    Check out the clip below for Fallon’s full monologue: