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$15,000 Bond Set for Woman Accused of Bad Butt Injections

Oneal Ron Morris is accused of running a black market business where she would allegedly inject people with toxic substances to make them look curvier



    (Published Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011)

    A judge set bond at $15,000 on Thursday for a transgender woman accused of running a black market business injecting people with a substance consisting of cement, mineral oil and "Fix-a-Flat" to make them look curvier.

    Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was initially arrested on Friday and then re-arrested on Wednesday after a second woman came forward claiming Morris injected her legs and buttocks with the substance, and that she has been ill ever since.

    Corey Alexander Eubank, 40, was also arrested on Wednesday, accused of helping Morris carry out the procedure on the second woman, authorities said. He was released on bond Thursday, according to a jail official. It wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney.

    They face charges including unlicensed practice of a health care profession with serious injury.

    Before bonding out, Morris has to give proof that the money being used to pay the bond is coming from a legitimate source.

    "My client is emphatic that these allegations are false and she is prepared to fight this in court," said Morris's attorney Michael Mirer. 

    According to the arrest report, the alleged victim knew Morris as "Duchess."

    Miami Gardens police said they are convinced there are many other victims out there who they are asking to come forward so they can keep Morris in jail.

    "We're trying," said Detective Michael Wright. "But once again it's up to the public. And if there's any other victims out there, they need to come forward so we can keep this individual in jail. Because he's very dangerous."

    The police report said the second female victim went to a house in Miami Gardens in May 2010 to learn about the procedure, and she was told it would be $600 cash for 10 injections into each buttocks. She agreed and went to an ATM for cash, returned and had the procedure done while laying on her stomach on a massage table, the report said. She was instructed not to look back and she was never told what material was being injected, the report said.

    "This is my profession," she quoted Morris as saying in the report. "Don't worry."

    Despite intense burning and pain, the victim told police she looked at her buttocks after the injections and said she wanted more, the report said.

    Morris said it would cost her $300, and she agreed, according to the report.

    She called Morris in pain, with her injection sites swelling, and  Morris, she said, told her to tell hospital caregivers that it was a MRSA infection, the report said. As the woman's condition worsened, she went to three hospitals complaining of vomiting, feverishness, the report said.

    Eventually, she underwent major surgery to remove oozing cysts, spent 15 days in the hospital, and had a blood transfusion in order to save her life, authorities said.