Child Neglect Charge Dropped Against Father of Dontrell Melvin

Calvin Melvin Jr. still faces charges for lying to police

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    A child neglect charge against Calvin Melvin Jr. in the death of his son, Dontrell Melvin, has been dropped, while mother Britney Sierra is charged with child neglect with bodily harm. Friend Darnell Toney discusses the incident. (Published Friday, Feb. 22, 2013)

    In the summer of 2011, 5-month-old Dontrell Melvin went missing, but no one reported it. After a Department of Children and Families investigation in January, the skeletal remains of a child were found in a backyard where the missing boy’s parents used to live in Hallandale Beach.

    Days later, the boy’s parents were arrested. Brittney Sierra and Calvin Melvin Jr. both denied any wrongdoing.

    "I'm waiting for answers," Sierra said after her arrest.

    In January, Sierra and Melvin were charged with child neglect after the two implicated each other – blaming one another. But now, Melvin is only facing charges for lying to police. His child neglect charge has been dropped. Investigators say Sierra is the one to blame. She is charged with child neglect with bodily harm.

    Parents of Missing Boy Appear in Court

    [MI] Parents of Missing Boy Appear in Court
    Dontrell Melvin's mother Brittney Sierra cried in court Tuesday, while the missing boy's father, Calvin Melvin, showed no emotion. Sierra's mother, Renee Menendez, also had a hearing Tuesday before Judge Kenneth Gillespie. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013)

    After the couple’s arrest, a mutual friend of the couple told NBC 6 about a text message he received from her. Darnell Toney, Dontrell’s godfather, said that Sierra told him that he needed to come get the baby. He asked her what was wrong.

    "She said, 'Well, he's always leaving me with this baby and I can't take this no more.’ She said ‘If you don't come get him, I'm going to get rid of him,'" Toney said.

    Sierra never talked with NBC 6 about that claim.

    NBC 6 visited the families of both Sierra and Melvin, but no one wanted to talk about the amended charges.

    Hallandale Beach Police Keep Digging for More Remains in Missing Boy Case

    [MI] Hallandale Beach Police Keep Digging for More Remains in Missing Boy Case
    On Saturday, police and forensic anthropologists kept digging for more remains at the property where the parents of a missing boy once lived. Natalie Garrido, a current resident there, described a hectic day Saturday. NBC 6 reporter Gilma Avalos has the story. (Published Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013)