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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Gets Manufacturers' Tax Cut OK Amid Legal Doubts About Vote

The House passed Scott's top priority 68-48



    A view of Florida's Old Capitol, with the new Capitol in the background, in Tallahassee.

    Florida lawmakers are signing off on a tax break for the state's manufacturers — but the final vote may trigger a legal challenge.

    The Florida House passed the top priority of Gov. Rick Scott by a 68-48 margin. That's below the margin that the state constitution requires for any law that reduces tax revenue that is shared with local governments.

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs Ban on Internet Cafes

    [MI] Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs Ban on Internet Cafes
    Up to 1,000 strip-mall parlors where people can play slot-like computer games became illegal Wednesday in Florida, with the governor signing a ban on the heels of a federal investigation into a charity that authorities say was an illegal gambling front. The law took effect immediately after Gov. Rick Scott signed it. Pompano Beach arcade owner Gail Fontaine and owner Vicki Lush and gaming attorney Mike Wolf comment.
    (Published Thursday, April 11, 2013)

    House Speaker Will Weatherford contended that the vote was still legal, but the House refused to share any legal opinions to bolster Weatherford's argument.

    House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston predicted that the bill (HB 7007) would be quickly challenged in court once signed.

    Governor Confident He Can Meet Job Creation Promise

    [MI] Florida Gov. Rick Scott Confident He Can Meet Job Creation Promise
    A day before President Barack Obama visits PortMiami, Florida Gov. Rick Scott was in town and sat down for an interview with NBC 6 anchor Jackie Nespral. He touted his job creation accomplishments, saying they matter more than a recent poll that showed he'd lose a re-election matchup against his predecessor, Charlie Crist.
    (Published Thursday, March 28, 2013)

    VIDEO: Teachers Pay Raise Bill Criticized

    Democrats objected to the bill because House members cut off debate and would not answer any questions about the legislation. The vote capped a tense, chaotic day, as the legislative session neared its end on Friday.

    On Wednesday Scott signed a wide-ranging ethics bill and a separate measure to raise campaign contribution limits. He waited until the final hours before a deadline to take action on the bills.

    The governor also vetoed a measure that would have ended permanent alimony in Florida.

    The ethics bill (SB 2) was a priority for Senate President Don Gaetz and the first bill the Senate passed on the first day of session more than eight weeks ago. It will give the Florida Ethics Commission more authority to collect fines, among other things.

    Senate OKs Bill Allowing Dolphins to Seek Taxpayer Money

    The campaign finance bill (HB 569) was a top priority for the House speaker, Weatherford, and will increase campaign contribution limits from $500 per election to $1,000 for legislative and local races and $3,000 for statewide races.

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