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George Zimmerman Plans To Begin Sending Donors Signed "Thank You" Cards

The New George Zimmerman Defense Fund is to be launched next month

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    George Zimmerman attends a hearing in Sanford on Oct. 19, 2012.

    George Zimmerman plans to step up fundraising to pay for his expenses while he awaits trial – and will begin sending donors signed “thank you” cards.

    The former neighborhood watch leader's attorney said Wednesday that Zimmerman plans to launch the New George Zimmerman Defense Fund next month.

    Each thank you card will be signed by Zimmerman, but the envelopes for them will not contain any reference to Zimmerman or the O’Mara Law Group, a new posting on says.

    Zimmerman, 29, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the fatal shooting last February of Trayvon Martin, 17, of Miami Gardens. Zimmerman claims the shooting in Sanford was self-defense under the state's Stand Your Ground law.

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    His attorney Mark O'Mara said an existing fund has raised $140,000 since last May, but the money in it is running a bit low.

    A trial is set for June, but a Stand Your Ground hearing could be held by April.

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