Man Found Guilty of 2 Charges in Fiery Attack on Son's Mother at Boynton Beach Gas Station

A Palm Beach County jury found Roosevelt Mondesir guilty of attempted first-degree murder and domestic aggravated battery

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    Boynton Beach Police
    Roosevelt Mondesir

    A South Florida man faces a possible life sentence after being convicted of setting his ex-girlfriend on fire at a Boynton Beach gas station last year.

    A Palm Beach County jury found 53-year-old Roosevelt Mondesir guilty Wednesday of attempted first-degree murder and domestic aggravated battery, The Palm Beach Post reported. His sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 23.

    Burned Woman Recovering

    [MI] Burned Woman Recovering
    Naomi Breton, who police say was set on fire at a gas station by her son's father last month, is back at work and says she's praying for her attacker. (Published Friday, July 13, 2012)

    Authorities said Mondesir lured 34-year-old Naomie Breton to the 7-Eleven gas station at 7088 Lawrence Road on June 11, 2012. She was supposed to pick up their 4-year-old son.

    Instead, Mondesir got out of his car armed with a gas can and a long knife and drenched her with gasoline, Boynton Beach Police said.

    Good Samaritan Pays Bills for Woman Set on Fire

    [MI] Good Samaritan Pays Bills for Woman Set on Fire
    A good Samaritan agreed to pay the bills of Naomie Breton, the woman who was set alight by her estranged boyfriend at a Boynton Beach gas station. (Published Monday, June 18, 2012)

    Breton said that after Mondesir poured a gallon of gas on her body she ran inside the store, trying to shut the door, but her purse got caught in the door, keeping it ajar and allowing Mondesir to force it open and light her on fire.

    Woman Burned at Gas Station Recovering, Praying for Attacker

    She started to extinguish the fire, tore off her shirt and saw that he had a long knife, the probable cause affidavit said. He began to chase her inside, but she held the doors closed as the staff called police, according to the affidavit. Mondesir fled, leaving his car at the gas station, the affidavit said, but police found him hiding in bushes and arrested him.

    Breton sustained burns to 12 percent of her body.

    Mondesir's defense team said his actions were a cry for attention, and he never intended to kill Breton.