Miami International Airport Is the Focus Travel Channel's New Airport Reality Show

“Airport 24/7: Miami" is the Travel Channel's new show

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    "Airport 24/7: Miami" is the Travel Channel's new show. Executive producer and creator Chris Sloan and MIA employees Dickie Davis and Darius Bradshaw told NBC 6 South Florida about the show. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012)

    Get ready for unscripted backstage access to Miami International Airport and the 100,000 travelers who go through it daily.

     “Airport 24/7: Miami" is the Travel Channel's new show.

    “Everybody flies but people really do not understand what it really takes to get themselves safely from point A to point B,” said Chris Sloan, executive producer and creator of the show.

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    Viewers get to see the people that really make air travel possible.

    “I think that people find airports fascinating. I think maybe what they might not know is how complex they are and how much goes on at once that has to be managed, and hopefully they’ll have an understanding of that,” said Dickie Davis, Director of Terminal Operations and Customer Service.

    To promote the show some cast members wore yellow shirts that said:“I’m not just an MIA Employee I’m a Superstar.”

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    “It was an opportunity for us to you know, look at what we do, clarify what we do, and show the world what Miami international Airport is all about and the challenges that we have on a day-to-day basis,” said Darius Bradshaw, an Operations Control Room agent.

    So the Travel Channel could have picked Los Angeles, O’Hare, or LaGuardia in New York but in Tuesday's  premiere the executive producer says, viewers will see exactly why they picked Miami.

    “We found that there were such unique people and characters that ran the airport up and down the line, that it’s a diverse group of people up and down the line, that it was just a group of people and at the end of the day people watch this show if they’re really interested in the characters our cast and how they make a difference,” said Sloan

    “We all have a very important role to play and together we are able to pull it off. Kind of like a ball team. You know, I’m not the pitcher and everybody plays a role and somehow at the end of the day people are pretty well taken care of,” said David.

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