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Miami is Number One On Vainest City List ranks Magic City vainest in the nation



    (Published Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011)

    Some say Miami is synonymous to a glamorous nightlife and beautiful women.  But what about vain, as in the vainest city in America? 

    That's the title has given to Miami and some of the locals agree.

    "Vain? That would definitely be it, especially here in South Beach," Miami Beach resident Ramon Gutierrez said.

    "It's all about image, it's what you're wearing, the bag that you're carrying car and the car that you're driving," added Jackie Cook., together with Mandala Research, surveyed 4,000 people in 20 major cities. On a scale of 1 to 10, the majority of the 200 Miamians surveyed rated themselves as a 7 or higher when it came to their looks.  

    Resident Dennise Fabrega was shy about rating her attractiveness, but admitted to being vain at times.  "I've been through it, but I try not to," she said.

    Cleveland turns out to be the most insecure city. The survey also shows that Miamians seem to know the most people who've had a tummy tuck, collagen injections, laser hair removal and liposuction. Not to mention the ads for plastic surgery are easy to find, even as you are driving.
    "They're all over the place," Cook says.

    The other lists Miami has made recently have been less than flattering. Men's Health ranks Miami the least educated city with Miami coming in at 100 out of 100 cities.

    Some Magic City residents say forget the critics. Many locals told NBC Miami they choose to appreciate Miami for all it has to offer.