Mother Accused of Kidnapping Children Held in Miami-Dade Jail

Carrie Weingarth is being held on $300,000 bond.

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    Miami-Dade Corrections
    Carrie Weingarth

    A South Florida mother accused of taking her three sons to across the country without their father's permission was being held on $300,000 bond Thursday in Miami-Dade jail.

    Carrie Weingarth, 32, was charged with custody interference after she and boyfriend Christopher Coello took the three boys to California last month.

    South Florida Children Reunited With Father

    [MI] South Florida Children Reunited With Father
    It was an emotional reunion at Miami International Airport Sunday night when three children whose mother is accused of taking them across the country were back with their father in South Florida. Steven Pena's three sons were back in his arms at MIA nearly 10 days after they went missing with mother Carrie Weingarth and her boyfriend, Christian Coello. Weingarth, Coello and the children were found in California Thursday, and the boys were flown back to Miami Sunday night. (Published Monday, Feb. 24, 2014)

    Weingarth became the subject of a multi-state search after she walked into Gulfstream Elementary School on Feb. 14 and without authorization from school officials and Pena took 12-year-old son Erin and disappeared along with his two brothers, Steven, age 8, and Derick, age 7.

    After a massive search led by Miami-Dade Schools Police, Weingarth and Coello were arrested in Barstow, California. Weingarth and Coello, police said.

    Pena Children Reunited With Father

    [MI] Pena Children Reunited With Father
    It was an emotional reunion at Miami International Airport for Steven Pena and his three children, who police say were taken across the country by their mother, Carrie Weingarth. (Published Monday, Feb. 24, 2014)

    Steven Pena, who had custody of Erin, said he and Weingarth were in the middle of an ongoing custody dispute. Weingarth had custody of Steven and Derick, until a Friday custody hearing that gave father Steven Pena full custody of the younger children.

    Miami-Dade School Police took custody of the boys and brought them home on Feb. 23rd.