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Mother of Girl Shot At Funeral Home Recounts Events

Two men died and 12 people were injured in Friday night's shooting



    (Published Monday, April 2, 2012)

    Twelve people survived gunshot wounds after last week's shooting at a funeral home near North Miami, including 5-year-old McKayla Bazile.

    On Monday, her mother spoke out about the horror she witnessed as a gunman sprayed the crowd with bullets.

    "I blacked out, there was so much screaming, I was numb, and I just wanted to be with my daughter," said Someta Etienne, sitting in a hospital room at Jackson Memorial, next to her daughter's bed.

    Etienne said she reached for McKayla, the girl was screaming, and it took her a moment to realize her daughter had been shot in the leg.

    "No parent should have to go through this, ever," Etienne said. "My heart goes out to the other victims."

    Laurore Ornis, 43, of Fort Pierce, and Parterson Dubreus, 27, of North Miami were killed in the shooting, police said.

    Miami-Dade Police say it appears that members of rival gangs came to the funeral of 21-year-old Morvin Andre, and something set off the violence that broke out after the ceremony.

    Andre's death was in itself controversial. Aventura Police say Andre jumped off a parking garage at the Aventura Mall after being chased by security guards.

    As for McKayla, her mom says the bullet lodged near her femur, but doctors told her the little girl will make a full recovery.

    "She's doing a lot better, she knows she got shot, and she knows it's gonna take some time, but she'll be running around again like normal," Etienne said.

    Police are still investigating the shooting. No suspects are in custody.