One Woman, One Show, and 29 Swimsuits at Miami Swim Week

Hannah Davis modeled five looks on the runway in her one-woman show

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    Strutting her stuff, 23-year-old Hannah Davis made history at Miami Swim Week. Davis and Salon Allure co-founder Rick Fatzinger talked about her one-woman show.

    Strutting her stuff, 23-year-old Hannah Davis made history at Miami Swim Week. The Sports Illustrated model was the only one in the Salon Allure and Xtra Life Lycra show at the W Hotel Friday night.

    "I'm really excited, but I'm a little nervous because it's a one-girl show," Hannah said. "I've never done anything like it. I'm just crossing my fingers and I hope I don't trip."

    Hannah modeled five looks on the runway. The other 24 swimsuits were shown on monitors in between changes.

    "We did the video a few weeks ago, so they're going to be playing that as I walk," Hannah said.

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    The other looks were shot in Miami – a place Hannah loves to visit because she can walk anywhere!

    The inspiration for the show? Beyonce at a 2011 performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

    "The first 45 seconds of that video was just Beyonce and the video and they were sort of interacting with each other and I got the idea that could be done with a fashion show," Salon Allure co-founder Rick Fatzinger said.

    He calls Davis the next Kate Upton, the currest SI cover model.

    "She fits the brand. She's from a Caribbean island. She was raised in a resort environment and that's what our show's about," Fatzinger said.

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    The show, called Summer Silhouettes, made history. The first one-woman show sold out with more than 150 people there. The focus was a total of 29 suits, all made with Xtra Life Lycra.

    "It holds really well and it doesn't stretch out which is nice because it fits your body," Hannah said.

    In Hannah's future, she wants to come back to Miami Swim Week, but not to model – to show.

    "I've been wanting to design swimwear for so long, so it's actually nice being out here in Miami and seeing everyone else present their new collections because it's something I ultimately want to do," Hannah said.

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