Rep. Joe Garcia Digs For Ear Wax Then Appears To Eat It On TV

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    NBC 6 South Florida

    Florida Democrat Joe Garcia was caught on video by C-Span picking his ear then putting his finger in his mouth and then appearing to eat the contents removed from the ear.

    The video was from a House Judiciary Committee meeting last Wednesday when he was caught in the act of apparently snacking on the wax, according to

    The video was quick fodder for the National Republican Congressional Committee which tweeted out a GIF of the video. Garcia is one of a number of Democratic freshmen being targeted by Republicans in the 2014 mid-term Congressional election.

    Garcia released a statement Tuesday evening addressing the "scandal:" "I scratched my ear and noticed I had a hangnail. My mom always told me to keep my fingers out of my mouth, and now I know why. I look forward to immigration reform going viral."