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Veteran's Day of Caring: War Auditorium Gets Makeover

More than 800 people gathered for the makeover



    (Published Friday, Dec. 6, 2013)

    It was about good music, hard work and the utmost important cause of honoring America’s military.

    Friday more than 800 volunteers gave the War Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale a makeover.

    For active Army Reserve Lt. Rafael McCloud it’s support that keeps him going.

    He said, “We couldn't accomplish our mission without our supporters, our family, our friends. From those we receive our love from we really do appreciate it.”

    Christopher Polk/Getty Images for PCA, File

    McCloud is set to deploy again in September. His first tour of duty was in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

    The War Memorial Auditorium is now a place he can’t wait to visit when he gets home.

    “People in this community care about me and as well as other fellow soldiers. This is a place where we can come and reflect on past times both good and bad.”

    According to Kathleen Cannon of the United Way in Broward County, the memorial is going to look a lot different when that day happens.

    She said, “We are transforming all the planting. We have a memorial bench that went in for veterans courtesy of Autonation. We are painting murals of every branch of the military so all men and woman get honored today.”

    For these volunteers what they did on Friday is easy in their eyes.

    One woman said, “This is simple compared to what they do. I just want to thank them for servicing our country and giving us our freedom.”

    As McCloud prepares for his departure, he hopes the message of what was done is taken with you into the future.

    He said, “Do great things, help out other people and continue to do good things.”