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Youngest Bachelor's Graduate at FAU Follows Up With Master's

Samuel Greene recently received his master's degree in computer science



    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012)

    At age 17, Samuel Greene became the youngest person to graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree.

    Now he has his master’s at just 20.

    Getting his graduate degree in computer science is “really exciting,” Greene said.

    “I mean everything has just led up to this moment,” he said after his second graduation from FAU on Tuesday.

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    Greene has been able to excel throughout his academic career with the love and support of his family.

    “He started out very young, as you know, at the age of 13, and we’re extremely happy and extremely proud,” his father Doug said.

    The student was well respected by teachers and classmates at FAU, computer science Professor Thomas Fernandez said.

    “I noticed that everybody related very well to him and they accepted him as an equal, and in fact he was the president of the ACM, which is our computer club,” he said.

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    Greene’s mother, Renee, said he may have been one of the youngest to earn his degrees, but his journey wasn’t as easy as people may think.

    “He’s always studying and working, and he worked very, very hard,” she said. He often stayed up all night and didn’t get many hours of sleep, she added.

    Is a doctorate degree next?

    Not right now, says Greene, who wants to take a small break from the classroom.

    “I do have a lot of entrepreneurial endeavors as well as my full-time job, so I’m going to spend a little time on those first, but a Ph.D. is an ultimate goal of mine,” he said.

    When asked what the future holds for Greene, Fernandez said, “It’s not so much what his future will be but what he is going to make of the future, because the future is his to make.”

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