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Lap Dance Customer Grabs a Handful of Stripper's Cash

No stealing in the Champagne Room



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    A Texas strip club is suing a 14-year-old girl and her parents after the club hired her as an exotic dancer.

    When Ronnie Menard couldn't pay for a lap dance, he allegedly violated the first rule of strip clubs: no touching.

    But Menard's real crime, police say, was when he resorted to robbing the stripper who was going to dance for him.

    Tease turned to theft at Fantasy's at the Beach in Fort Myers on January 9, after Menard, 19, asked a stripper for a lap dance while she was on stage.

    After the dancer had counted her proceeds from her pole performance, she approached Menard for the up close and personal version of her act.

    The dancer told the cops that Menard told her to dance later and just sit with him. When she obliged, she says she felt her garter snap and Menard took off with her $314 and ran out of the club.

    Another dancer told police where Menard lived because she had given him a ride home before.

    Menard was arrested at his house and several club employees were able to positively identify him.

    He was charged with theft -- and never did get that lap dance.