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Must See: Fisherman Saves Bull Shark



    (Published Monday, Oct. 7, 2013)

    A Florida fisherman recently risked his life to save a 300-lb. bull shark by jumping into the water with the deadly predator.
    Video shot by Austin Wholean shows his brother Orion jump into shark-infested waters to help revive one of the world's deadliest sharks.

    Orion Wholean caught the shark during a catch-and-release fishing trip. After he noticed the fish did not move when thrown back in the water, Orion took action. "I swam with it until it got water in its gills," he said.
    Bull sharks are the most likely to attack humans, but Orion Wholean didn't seem to care.
    "Right along up there with 'Gator Boys' style, ya know," laughed Orion afterward.
    Orion posted the video on YouTube Tuesday night, and it went viral, sparking some controversy about the practice of catch-and-release. 
    "It did almost turn into a political debate," said Orion. "A lot of people are calling me and complaining about it. Others are thanking me for releasing it."