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NiteTalk: OrganicArma to Take on the World at Art Basel



    With Art Basel going down this week, Miami is once again exploding with an array of sound and vision. Amidst all that action, few performances will be more moving than Miami's own electronic duo, organicArma, whose "World Tour" has them staging everywhere from Design Within Reach to Panther Coffee. Niteside gave keyboardist/ vocalist phAxas and drummer/ vocalist dhArma1 11 the ol' quickie Q&A.

    Tomorrow you launch your "World Tour" -- wanna tell us about it? phAxas: It's a world tour so-to-speak: The world travels to Miami for Art Basel. So while the world is here in our homebase, we will be making ourselves accessible to the world.

    dhArma111: This band is about playing and controlling machines. During Basel we will have the opportunity to show the aesthetics of that world.

    Where's your first appearance? phAxas: Our first Basel show this year is Wednesday, Dec. 1, on the rooftop of Lincoln Road's Design Within Reach showroom. We're going to be a part of an outdoor courtyard party.

    dhArma111: It depends what appearance means. One day we want to be part of a roof or a building, another inside a museum or a gallery as an art installation or on top of any stage at a park or a theater where all musicians will dream to play.

    phAxas: As long as we keep it different then each appearance can be our first.  

    And the tour is in support of a new LP? phAxas: Yes, we've just released Under Duality. Duality is the action of oscillating between the reality we all try to share and the one that only can be brought from the unknown.

    dhArma111: This tour is in support of our philosophical way of thinking inside a world without ideals where nothing is true and everything is allowed. Under Duality for us is how we live as a family of people who wants change and to be part of the action of making those transitions. That kind of position is better perceived when playing but definitely we want to be ready to be seduced and inspired too.

    OrganicArma is much more than two musicians though, isn't it? dhArma111: Indeed, Abraxas 223 handles all our visuals, and we have been working with him since even before the band got started. We've always had this technological necessity of utilizing the machines with a purpose and after playing with a variety of religions, psychologists and philosophers we knew we needed to create something that could generate new ways of feelings. At this moment, the machines are still leading us to that path. Even our instruments are machines now.

    phAxas: He is our third brother who plays with us live, expressing himself through visual frequencies. He employs a customized software which he uses to program different chains of third effects, creating an atmosphere where the organicArma experience lives.

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    And aren't you all behind the Awarehouse? dhArma111: That's our headquarters in the wild west of Wynwood. The Awarehouse has to do with a vision of the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. The whole idea behind is to connect inside a Museum digital media, visual projection, films and avant garde music from bands to DJs. The whole week is an experience that pushes you to take risks and do something different. Is a completely global show where there are no boundaries or styles. Here, we needed Aurax, a gallerist stepmother that functions as the witch psychologist of the band to get the job done. Abraxas works during the day as the CTO and Art Director plus all his extracurricular projects, phAxas the young lady of the gang was a PR student and handles the science behind our frequency machines with an acustronic methodology.

    phAxas:  When dhArma isn't playing drums, he predicts motion, analyzes and reads graphs, and understands by perceiving patterns. On Thursday night, as part of our album launch, we will be playing at the Awarehouse along with friends People from Venus, Rebel, Telekinetic Walrus and visual artists Cyberpixie and R of Tecne Collective, as well as a few more artists that will soon be announced. We organized this show together in order to present the eclectic faces of local art and music, which is why Awarehouse exists in the first place.