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Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50

The Panthers battle the Broncos at Levi's Stadium on Feb. 7

NFLers Kick Off Pigskin Mania: Miami Vibe "All About Partying"



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    Tony and October Gonzalez

    The only playing NFLer Tony Gonzalez will be doing for the remainder of the season may be in Miami clubs -- but he's not complaining.

    "It is actually kind of nice to be on this side of it," Gonzalez said last night. "I'm not playing this week, so I can just hang out and relax and not worry about all that practice and stuff."

    Gonzalez, tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, along with Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon hosted the annual Pro Bowl Player Party at The Clevelander in South Beach last night -- and dished on their favorite late-night Miami haunts.

    "I've been going to LIV at Fontainebleau, Mynt -- wherever the party's at," Gonzalez said at the event that kicked off pigskin mania in Miami.

    Gonzalez, who plans to keep his feet planted in South Florida this week, said he'll continue to soak up the Miami scene while he still can.

    "My wife is a little pregnant now, so I'm a little limited," he said. "This is our last hoorah before we shut it down."

    Last year's Pro Bowl took place in the laid-back Honolulu, Hawaii, and Hall of Famer Warren Moon predicts Miami will undoubtedly bring more excitement to the table.

    "Oh no question, a lot more choices here -- the whole vibe here is all about partying and having a good time," Moon said. "This is a great atmosphere for having a Super Bowl event because that's what people come to the Super Bowl for --  to party."

    Still, even with the hoards of celebs flocking to South Florida over the next week, Moon says he isn't worried about getting too star struck.

    "I've met just about everybody that I want to meet," he said, adding, "I have not met Halle Berry yet, and I'm waiting -- patiently."