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Andy Samberg On 'Twilight' And Bawling After Watching Susan Boyle Sing



    Andy Samberg On 'Twilight' And Bawling After Watching Susan Boyle Sing

    "Saturday Night Live" star Andy Samberg is more than just a big fan of "Britain's Got Talent" singer Susan Boyle.

    "I love Susan Boyle," Andy, who will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, told E! Online's Marc Malkin. "I came home pretty intoxicated one night and discovered the 'I Dreamed a Dream' clip and watched it like seven times in a row and just bawled. Which I think is probably more indicative to the fact that I'm a little stressed out and I'm not acknowledging it."

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    But according to Andy, the emotion wasn't alcohol-induced.

    "I don't generally just cry when I'm drunk; I get drunk and have fun. But it was a joyful cry. It wasn't like upset. For some reason, the combination of her voice and that song and the super over-the-top editing of that show really, really struck a chord with me," he said.

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    And the comedian admitted he is also a fan of "Twilight."

    "I've seen 'Twilight' once. But I've seen scenes from 'Twilight' many times in my dreams. You know what I mean? In a lot of ways I see 'Twilight' constantly every day, because once you see it, it stays with you forever."

    But where is his alliance – with Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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    "Edward all the way," Andy told E!. "He's steamy!"

    Andy suggested that Sunday night may hold some surprises, including a possible appearance by frequent "SNL" guest and "Motherlover" collaborator Justin Timberlake.

    "I'm calling in all the favors I can," he said, adding about Justin, "We're trying very hard to deliver on that."

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