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ROLL CALL: 'Twilight' Role Prize In New Reality Show



    ROLL CALL: 'Twilight' Role Prize In New Reality Show

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    Do You Have 'Twilight' Acting Chops?: Germany is launching a new reality show called "Mission Hollywood," where 12 young actresses will compete in a series of screen challenges to win a role in a forthcoming "Twilight" movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As part of the competition, the would-be Bellas will have recreate iconic scenes from Hollywood hits like "Misery," "9 1/2 Weeks" and "Dirty Dancing." We're not sure how learning to do dance lifts in the middle of a lake will help would-be vampires, but we'd sure tune in (if we lived in Germany)!

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    Courtney Love Has No Love For Pam: Speaking of dirty – Courtney Love is slinging mud at Pamela Anderson about the state of her finances. "Pam Anderson doesn't even have a credit card," Courtney told The New York Post's Page Six. "And she lives in Paradise Cove — which is in Malibu, but it's a trailer park in Malibu." Oh Courtney, you know what that say about people who live in glass houses… didn't we just read a report about you claiming your investors stole $530 million from your late husband's estate?

    My Weave's Falling Out Y'All!: And in more news of things gone missing – it might not have been $530 million (but almost as important to a pop star performing on stage), but Britney Spears lost part of her weave during Wednesday's "Circus" show in Oakland, E! Online reported. Brit's blonde locks were yanked out during "Touch of My Hand," when two strapping leather-clad dancers descending from the ceiling pull her towards the sky – but not all of Brit made the journey. See footage of the faux follicle fiasco, HERE!

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    New Couple Alert: Does Mary-Kate Olsen have a new man in her life? According to the New York Daily News' Gatecrasher, the Olsen sister was spotted with actor Bradley Cooper at a Tribeca Film Fest party at the Royalton on Thursday "touching each other's arms and knees as they talked." They even reportedly left together. Maybe they're both just really affectionate talkers?

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