An Exclusive Chai Rum Dinner At The Ritz

To celebrate the recent introduction of the restaurant’s nightly rum paired chef tasting menus, on Burlock Coast hosted a one-night only dinner

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Chai Rum is the perfect blend of tea leaves from the East Indies and rum from the West Indies.
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Perfected over four generations, Chai Rum is a sophisticated sipping product that is also the base of wonderful cocktails.
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Known for its private rum room, home to over 150 varieties of the spirit, Burlock Coast is truly a rum paradise and the perfect setting for a multisensory dining experience.
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Akal Chai Rum creator, Kiran Akal.
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Guest included members of Northrop & Johnson team.
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Boynton Beach’s own Sean Iglehart of Sweetwater Bar & Grill created the cocktails for the exclusive dinner at Burlock Coast.
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For the first course, ‘Sea’, Sean created a visually dramatic cocktail, The Yellow Submarine. Made up of Agricole rhum, velvet falernum, coconut water, kaffie lime and a Chai Rum glaze.
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The second course. ‘Air’, consisted of a trio. Persimmon, kumquat with walnut, pomegranate, black tea smoke with pumpkin, maple foie, squash, quail.
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Paired with Chai Rum, persimmons, sage, mace shrub bruto Americano Amaro and ginger foam.
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Bartender, Sean Iglehart created the cocktail menu for the exclusive Chai Rum Dinner.
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The third course cocktail was presented with a flame, a glass and the cocktail prepped.
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Covering the flame to create a smokey flavor in the glass.
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Once the glass was smoked, the concoction of Chai Rum, stone pine liquer, coffee chipotle bitters and cordycep mushroom amaro.
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The four course intimate dinner was prepared by Ritz Carlton’s chef de cuisine, Gavin Pera.
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Before the final course, Kiran Akal introduced one final time his bartender for the evening, Sean Iglehart.
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The Boynton Beach bartender shared he had handmade the final glass wear of tea cup on a glass stem. The artistic presentation was created for the Sexy Sadie cocktail; A spot of tea fortified with Sherry, spices and sweets.
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Guest Carmen Saverino taking a picture of the artful presentation.
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The final pairing was a ‘Sweet Memory’. An almond, pistachio anise and cherry pastry.
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At the exclusive rum pairing dinner with Chai Rum held at The Ritz-Carlton Ft. Lauderdale.
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