Famed Graffiti Artist Futura: “Wynwood is Miami’s Brooklyn”

Back in 2009, world-renowned graffiti artists were asked to come to the Magic City and paint one of Wynwood’s empty walls. Futura was one of those people.

Last week, standing back in front of his work three years later, he was surprised by how far one of Miami’s most vibrant neighborhoods has grown.

“Every time I come, I cant believe how much everything has progressed,” he told Niteside at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar. “I never thought it would be where it is today in only three years. Not only do you have Art Basel, that will get people here, but so much comes from that. You have galleries, boutiques, shops. It’s evolving and that’s exciting. “

Futura himself has gone through quite the transformation in a little amount of time. Once painting the subways of New York City, he got first big break when The Clash brought him along on their European tour to paint during their shows. Since then, he has collaborated with everyone from Nike to Levi’s. These days, he has teamed up Hennessy cognac to promote a special edition label that he designed.

While he says he has many people to thank for his success, he says the residents of Miami can give all the credit the late Tony Goldman for Wynwood.

“His passing is a tragedy, but at the same time, he died seeing his accomplishments coming to life. Not many people can say that.  A lot of people think street art and think destructive. People with that mind set can drive down these streets and just see the beauty that it has brought to this area. That is all because of Tony.”

Looking to invest in some real estate? Future says look no further than where his Miami mural resides.

“Look, I have lived in New York all my life. I lived in Brooklyn when it was nothing. If you would have told me that my old apartment in Williamsburg would be renting for $2,500 a month in 2012, I would have thought you were crazy.  Watch out – the same thing is going to happen to Wynwood. There is no question.”

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