11/7: Saturday's an Insomniac

Flamenco, random dancing, and nuts (the other kind)

PURO FLAMENCO: Stomp those heels and clap those hands to Clarita Filgueiras Flamenco Puro at the Normandy Fountain Stage, just one of the many-highlighted dance acts happening at the festival. The company's namesake, who plays both artistic director and choreographer, has been named the "Keeper of Flamenco," for her works with dance. Ole, Clarita. 10 P.M.

RANDOM ACTS OF DANCING: Miamians beware, Miami Contemporary Dance Company is on the prowl at Lincoln Road during Sleepless Night. They'll be committing random, untimely acts of dancing, and nobody knows where. They'll be jamming in their jammies or dance-celebrating in their nightgowns, and who knows how long it'll last. One tip: when you see the crowd stop and the radio drop, turn around, and try not to scream. 10 P.M.

NUTS FOR LAUGHS: A Pair of Nuts will keep you up all night long. Get your mind out of the gutter, they'll keep you up laughing! Yamil Piedra and Johnny Trabanco (the "nuts") have been on Last Call with Carson Daly, BET, Deco Drive, and the Discovery Channel. For tonight, all those teasing sketches and off-the-wall comedy bits at the Colony Theatre will be all for you baby at the Colony Theatre. 1 A.M.

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