12/1: Stop. Creative Time.

Detroit in Collins Park, Metric on the beach and a tiny fair in the Design District

MOTOWN MADNESS: It's rare the words "Detroit" and "cool" are used in the same sentence, but this is one of those times. Housed in a pavilion made of rope (hey, this is Art Basel) Oceanfront Nights is a four-night homage to "cities at the forefront of today's artistic experimentation" - Mexico City, Berlin, Glasgow and, yes, Detroit. Happy hour, dance, film, and music are all on the agenda. Collins Park, 6-11 P.M.

METRIC SYSTEM: What's better than a concert on the beach? A free concert on the beach. Each year, Art Basel treats all us po folk to one, and every year it's a must-see (and listen). This year, it's Canadian indie popsters Metric. This event is hipster approved. Collins Park, 10 P.M.

SISTER ACT: Spoiled, hand-me-downs, did we mention spoiled? Just some of the things associated with a little sister. Hardly the case, though, with Spinello Gallery's Littlest Sister Art Fair, which is touting itself as Basel's baby sibling. Eight booths, affordable prices and emerging artists make this fair the perfect first stop on your gallery hopping tour tonight. Til 7 P.M.


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