12/6: Always Bet on Fun

Casino Royale at Duncan Quinn, Blue Wine & Piano Lounge in Design District, French film in the Gables

LAST MAN STANDING: What, Basel isn't over yet? The Endurance Award goes to Duncan Quinn's Casino Royale party. There'll be cocktails, cool, dady-rific stuff to buy and, of course, some good, clean gambling fun. 4040 NE 2nd Ave, Design District.
RSVP to kristian@duncanquinn.com. From 6 P.M.

FEELING BLUE: We can't think of anything much better than wine and live music, so we're not going to try. Instead, we're just going to head over to the new Blue Piano Music Lounge & Wine Bar in the Design District. The music menu changes (jazz, blues, salsa, etc.), but you'll always find 100-plus wines and small plates such as confit eggplant with fresh ricotta and basil oil and country style pate with cornichons and pear mostarda. 4600 Northeast 2nd Ave. 4-11 P.M.

WE'RE FROM FRANCE: Sexy and disturbing are two adjectives used to describe controversial French film "Enter the Void" (Soudain le vide), and we would expect anything less from the place that brought us Serge Gainsbourg and berets. Coral Gables Art Cinema's got the film's Florida theatrical premiere. 6:15 & 9 P.M.   


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