15 Again

Poofy dresses, lechon and deliciously inappropriate dancing: It's quince time!

When's the last time you hung out with a 15-year-old girl at a nightclub?

If you're not in high school or a super creep, it was probably last year at Yarisleydi's 15th birthday party or, as the celebration is known by locals, her quince.

Get ready, because it's Dyamilet's turn to party like a woman now.

Ay, we know what you're thinking: What good were quinces when we were younger? The synchronized dancing, the powderpuff, hooker wedding dresses? But this quinceanera will be different. This one will be off the chain.

Dyamilet's Quince Girl profile lists some of the acts: "Dancetasy is my friend's dance troop, they're going to make moves and Jose el Rey (super cute) is going to play, and Afrobeta!!!"

On top of that, expect some special guest performances by Debbie from Avenue D and Slim Biscayne.

Shake what ya mama gave ya with DJs Alex Caso, Doormouse and Induce. Beside the booty bumping and loconess, there will be some Latin munchies. Come early for some birthday cake, lechon and maduros y morros. Believe it, bro.

The night is called Shake, it happens every Thursday at The Vagabond. But this one is special because Dyamilet is becoming a woman -- or at least a 15 year old girl.

To read more of Liz Tracy's Miami missives, head to her blog, Miami, bro.

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