5 Good Reasons to Bike to Work

Embrace pedal power.

Today is National Bike (or walk) to Work Day and if you’ve still got some time before you’ve got to be at the office try slinging backpack over your shoulders, popping on a helmet and breaking out the ol’ ten speed.

There are plenty of reasons to bike in to the office and here are five good ones.

1. Biking is good for your punctuality: According to biketraffic.org, most people who bike to work often find it a faster way to traverse the city. Bikes don’t hit rush hour traffic and you can take them off road if you like.

2.  Biking is good for your body: Pedal into work and you’ll get your heart pumping. According to bikeleague.org, it is possible to burn up to 546 calories in an hour during a moderate, hour-long bike ride---that’s about the same as a Big Mac. Plus your nice legs will be the envy of the office.

3. Biking is also good for the environment: It may be the only viable transportation option that produces zero carbon emissions.

4. Biking is good for your wallet: The only fill-up your bike will ever need is some air in the tires. And bicycle parking is free.

5. Biking is good for your brain: It has a positive effect on emotional levels of well-being, self-confidence and you won’t find yourself in a fit of road-rage cursing out that guy in front of you for riding his brake. Though he might be cursing you as you effortlessly cruise by his gas-guzzler.

If you can’t manage to bike in today it’s ok, May is National Bike Month and there are plenty of chances to get on that rig and check out how bike friendly your city is.

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