8/6: Get in B.E.D. With Keanu Reeves

A movie screening, a book reading and a full moon rising

HOT WATER: "Surf's Up" probably isn't something you hear in bed often. But if you're in the right one (that would be B.E.D.) at the right time (which would be tonight), it's totally possible. Dude. The theme for the nightclub's Dine-In Theater series this month is sharks, and tonight they'll be screening, um, "Point Break." Kind of a stretch, but we'll jump at any chance to re-live the Keanu glory days. 9 P.M.

THE BREAKUP: Oh NYC socialites and their messy divorces. Gigi Levangie Grazer, the author of "Starter Wife" and screenwriter of "Stepmom" tackles that subject in her latest novel, "Queen Takes King." It's the classic tale of mogul meets socialite, mogul dumps socialite for less haggard independent woman, scorned socialite refuses to go down without a fight. Grazer reads at Books and Books on Lincoln Road at 8 P.M.

FULL MOON OVER MIAMI: As if enough strange things don't happen in this city on a normal day, we're about to experience a full moon. Of course, like everything, this notable lunar event is as good of an excuse as any to throw a party, and The National is doing just that, complete with "amazing drum sounds." Whatever that means. 8 P.M.


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