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A combination of specialized programs serving the medical needs of the Community, personalized attention and low prices, make Nobis Pharmacy unique and sets it apart from other retail pharmacies. These services include a diabetes self-management program, customized fitting of support or compression stockings, and free diabetic testing kits. Nobis Pharmacy is family-owned and caters to YOUR family needs.

Our Mission

The mission at Nobis Pharmacy is to create, provide, and implement a comprehensive and personalized program to address the medical needs of our community by establishing long-tem relationships with our customers in a compassionate environment.

Pharmacist Corner - My Health Tip

Yes, There Is An Easier Way To Take Your Medications. For type 1 and type 2 diabetes, drawing up insulin doses from a vial with a needle and a syringe may be time-consuming, inconvenient, and even embarrassing. Pre-filled insulin pens are another option. New needles used with the pens are practically pain-free. For each dose, you simply dial the appropriate number of insulin units. Insulin pens are: Small and convenient (they easily fit in your pocket or purse) Easy to handle (they are pre-filled and disposable) Easy to use (you dial the dose, insert the needle, and push the button) Accurate (they have a large, clear scale for setting and adjusting the accurate dose) Using insulin pens may keep you from having to visit your doctor or a hospital and thus lower your health care costs.

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