A Message From Jackson Memorial Hospital

"It takes just 15 seconds for a trauma patient to be rushed from the helicopter pad on the roof of the Ryder Trauma Center to a specially designed room where they can be resuscitated. As one of the busiest trauma facilities in the country, the Ryder Trauma Center, located on the UM/Jackson Memorial Medical Center campus, has state-of-the-art, life-saving technology and some of the most specialized and skilled trauma surgeons and support staff in the world. We save lives everyday.

But we also see teenagers with brain and spinal cord injuries who may never be the same. Half of our patients end up here because of car accidents. And while we have the very best that medicine can offer for trauma patients who need it, two simple things can help avoid a trip to Ryder Trauma Center. Please drive carefully and wear a seatbelt. It could save your life."

- Jeffrey S. Augenstein MD, PhD, FACS, Director Ryder Trauma Center

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