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[CSNBY] Wild Card Watch: Mets heat up, sweep Twins in New York
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LOOSEN YOUR TIE: Tired of being a working stiff? Put down your Blackberry and head over to the Spa at the Shore Club for a solution to your 9-to-5 aches and pains. The new Corporate Athlete Treatment is perfect for the desk jocks who keep their offices in tip-top shape by giving overtime their all—uncomfortable chairs and stressful meetings included. Use that one-hour break in your day for 60 minutes of head, neck and shoulders relief from keeping the corporate world afloat. Go ahead, turn off your phone and just sit back and relax. That 7 p.m. dinner meeting will still be there and you’ll actually be able to smile and nod without cringing from the crick in your neck. GET IT: $125 for 60 minutes, $500 for five sessions. 1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305.695.3293.


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